WASHMETV was formed in 2007 by the organization’s Executive Director, Jeffery Fiffie, who has witnessed the positive and dynamic benefits a hands-on and innovative business education can have on the future of driven individuals. Since the inception of the organization, Jeffery Fiffie and his team have committed themselves to providing extensive business instruction as well as specific performance and practice opportunities to individuals who, due to their financial limitations, would not otherwise have been able to participate in such a valuable program. Based in Enterprise, Alabama and serving a diverse audience of interested and deserving individuals, WASHMETV is a nonprofit organization that nurtures and inspires its participants to find the innovative and creative outlet necessary to achieving overall success. Mr. Fiffie was inspired to begin this outreach through his personal history and evolution of his distinct business background.

    Mr. Fiffie was brought up working in his father’s auto mechanic business. Ever since he was eight years old, Mr. Fiffie was learning about every facet of the automotive trade. Inspired by the success of his father as a business man and fueled by his personal motivation to follow his own unique path, Mr. Fiffie decided to form his own business, based around mobile detailing. He quickly formed bonds with rental car companies Avis and National, servicing their fleet of vehicles. Eventually, as his business grew, Mr. Fiffie made the natural progression to hiring individuals to support his operational capacity.

The success of Mr. Fiffie’s mobile detailing business and the inspirational nature of his story had an interesting affect on his partners. Many individuals who worked with Mr. Fiffie ended up pursuing their own entrepreneurial careers or furthering their education to find their own professional success. Rather than fight this high turnover rate, Mr. Fiffie saw an opportunity to turn his efforts into and educational endeavor. By providing his current participants with access to hands-on business practice and the basic assistance to startup their own enterprises, Mr. Fiffie gives individuals a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of proper business functions.

This progression from an entrepreneurial endeavor to a nonprofit, educational initiative is the foundation for the organization’s mission and vision; to help those who wish to help themselves and find brighter futures through hard work and dedication to their dream. Since 2007, Mr. Fiffie and WASHMETV have effectively touched the lives of more than 1000 individuals throughout the community. The organization defines successful outreach through the program as the ability to “graduate” participants into successful futures, be it through the pursuit of furthered vocational or academic education or the pursuit of their own entrepreneurial vision. Since our formation, WASHMETV has successfully “graduated” 75 percent of its participants; we are committed to maintain or exceeding this measure.

WASHMETV currently serves 765 participants through its charitable business education program. The nonprofit efforts of our organization offers participants professional guidance while allowing their individualized goals and objectives take shape naturally. Through fundraising efforts and charitable foundation grants, we hope to grow this nonprofit initiative and in so doing, to reach additional low income individuals in our community. WASHMETV is committed to maintaining a positive, innovative, and effective environment for the individuals it serves.


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