The philosophy of our organization emphasizes the enhancement of the lives of participants who display the interest and desire to improve themselves through dedication and the pursuit of furthered educational and business opportunities. We work to provide the individuals we serve with access to innovative instruction, educational tools, and best practices to further their individual self awareness. We strive to increase the likelihood of their finding personal enlightenment, motivation, and advancement by providing them with access to resources that will enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Individual empowerment and self-determination have consistently been integral components of the organization. Directed by Jeffery Fiffie, WASHMETV was conceived and organized to also address the critical need for access to various educational agencies among our service community of economically disadvantaged participants.

WASHMETV works to comprehensively address the social, economic, and academic needs of our participants through the collaborative efforts of our organization and our partners. Our mission is accomplished by addressing this need along with providing valuable mentors for our participants. Our ultimate goal is to create self-reliant individuals which in turn will lead to a better future for not only our participants, but for the entire community.

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